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The world of Prara is a home-brewed world played by my D&D crew. I have created a world that has rich history, and an ever growing pessimistic future filled with turmoil, strife, and despair ;however, that being said the future doesn’t have to be so fraught with despair, because the world, and the denizens of Prara are affected by the Heroes every move.
The brave few who decide to rise up, and fight the tyranny and live will forever be bathed in riches, glory, and fame. Those that fall will be remembered, and eventually fade into the background of time. The heroes that answer the call will have to face their adversities that separate themselves picking a part their party, as all decisions have a consequence. They will then have to deal with their past. And ultimately, the Heroes will have to confront their fate, and prey that the Fates will have mercy on their future that is yet to come.

h3. The World and the Material Plane:

The denizens of the world Prara, do not actually know how the planet came to be. They accept the theories that the numerous clerics and paladins of the many religious orders and sects say.
They say that the world was once in a state of perpetual chaos and movement. Supposedly, the world had no end. The conditions were the literal meaning of in hospitable. The planes clash together as the Infitium Clostrum, the barrier between the planes, was non-existent. Volcanoes erupting spilling all on the land making sure that the lands were barren of life; earthquakes that shook, and not only sundered mountains, but rocked all of the land. The air filled with poisonous fumes that even the most hardest creatures of physical build would have succumbed to the noxious gases. This is Prara during the age of Chaos. Giant Primordial Kings fought and clashes against each other fighting for control of the world. Gaia fought for the Earth, Uranus utilized the air, Typhoon raged war leading the water, and Prometheus conjured forth fire, and Tartarus birthing the worse entities to ever be concieved. Then something dreadful happened…
Through the chaos something was born. The living essence of chaos was born and so began the rise of the Queen of Dragons, and the ruler of the plane of Bhaat, Tiamat. She subdued and brought the Kings/Queens to rest by varying means, and eventually laying claims to the World. That is when Tartarus and Gaia created a rival for this Monstrosity. However, they were slain or rendered and injured so badly that the were forced in the corners of the multiverse. And through the most ancient start of Chaos, order found its way into being through our great lord Bahamat the Platinum Dragon and also her kin the Tyrannical Dragon deity that is referred to as Tiamat.
First, Bahamat and her kin drew the nexus boundaries known as Infitium Clostrum, magical lay-lines that separated the Titan Lords and Queens. Pushing them into the far corners of the nexus. Then through both of their power, Tiamat and Bahamat in conjunction began to draw up the lines that make the various realm into what they are now. After the battle for control and the titans scattered and separated, They began to banish the dark and chaotic children of these Titans into the various planes in which they be best suited. Soon enough Tiamat and Bahamat began crafting childern and denizens of this new world. But then the wildlife that grew naturally, use to harsh condition grew with a rapid rate and discord began again. Separating the life now into separate dimensions to give the various and expansive life happiness and content. Together Tiamat and Bahamat began to create the various species of the world: Elves, Dwarves, humans, Dragonborns, etc. Then, for some reason discord struck and the two Great Drakes began to separate and then begin fight among one and the other. Dragon and their chosen allies that sided them respectfully the the battle for the Material plane began.

p. Sadly the power of Tiamat was too much for even Bahamat as she sacrificed body to send the Tyranny of Dragons to another realm, to what is now referred to as Bhaat and her allies into banishment creating the Nine Hells and various abyssal planes. During these battles those she created and that followed her received great boons of power of immortality and power over their respected dominions. Each one was bestowed a large amount of power and responsibility and with help from various other denizens of the heavens as well as the chosen Demi-gods that assisted them in the first war.

h3.The Seven:

“The Seven” consist of those entities that stood with Bahamat the Platinum Dragon and through her blessing, lends her very soul to these entities to give them, or has done enough good deeds for themselves to become ascended and become Gods and Goddesses of Great Power.

Pelor, the Bringer of light- God of Sun and the Harvest and medicine and music- _ Pelor is most notably regarded as the sun god. Usually worshiped by farmers and those who rely on it.

Kord, The Stormbringer- God of Storms, Strength, and War, Kord is the God that is mostly seen in the military and is worship through combat.

Ioun, The Harbinger-Ioun is the Goddess of knowlege, strategy, prophecy and for thought. Not a remarkably worshiped Goddess but knowledge seekers, inventors and artifacts that bestow future sight are credited to Ioun and her loyal guardians of her faith.

Meloriah the Nature Goddess- Meloriah is well regarded as the nature Goddess and as the Goddess of travelers, seafarers, the Moon, and of the hunt, and generally associated as the Goddess that protects the “Little people.”

Araithys, God of Civilization- Creator of cities and God of law and code, Araithys is one of the major Gods for he brings civilization where ever he wills it

Hades, Lord of the Underworld- Hades is a God that watches over the under world. Also the God of precious medals and gem stones. Because there are no real worshipers of Hades he isn’t remarked as one of the Seven as he does not meet at the Heaven’s Summit.

The God or Goddess of Death, Unkown.

p. h2. The Second Great Calamity

h4. The Second Great Calamity happened and this was due to the work of the Arcane. Although indirect and inadvertent, those who had an ability to break the Spell weave and call forth a power that wasn’t bestowed by the Gods, the childern of the Gods began to

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